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Sooo... we basically installed a water bottling plant using the latest and highest quality water purification systems. Reverse Osmosis, O3 purification, as well as micro-bio help to recycle 100% of all water reclaimed from our car wash tunnel. Our system purifies to under 0.1 microns per liter (basically that’s science talk for less minerals than a residential Ro faucet) which is great news for your car. Our reject water (more science talk for water that doesn't make the cut) is so pure we use it for irrigation, and the plants love the stuff.

Water usage



Blu Water

car wash

(we recycle)




car wash


At home,

drive way wash

Washing Responsibly

We are proud to be the areas most advanced environmentally responsible car wash.

Most people don't realize washing a car in your drive way is environmentally unfriendly. Not only do you use up to 100 gallons of water, but all of the soap, dirt, and oil residue runs off into our storm drains (The Chesapeake bay tributaries do not like this and ultimately the contaminants end up in the Chesapeake bay). 


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